Version 5.77 includes an updated gift importer for the WorldTeam contribution reports and a new gift importer for WBT Australia CSV files plus a few bug fixes.

It is available through the "live update" option in the Donor Manager (probably the easiest way to update), or by download from the downloads section of this website.

Donor Manager 5.70 is now available for download.  This update includes a gift import routine for Pioneers and updated gift importers for WBT Canada and KMA Interactive.

Verion 5.67 has been release and is available for download by Live Update or by direct download.  This fixes a nasty bug that was introduced in 5.66 that caused an index error if the user was restoring a pack and go file that had been made in an earlier version of the DM.

Version 5.66 has been released.  The only significant addition to this update is the addition of a gift importer for Heart of God Ministries of Oklahoma.  This will also be added to DM 6 beta in the next week or so.
Version 5.65 has been released today.  This version fixes a nasty bug in 5.64 that failed to properly install some of the data tables when doing a fresh install of the program.  This totally prevented the program from installing.   Versions that were updated to 5.64 did not have this problem ... only new installations.   Let me know if you run into any snags.

There are new versions available for both DM 5 and DM 6 beta.  These updates include 2 new reports on contributions for fund ids.

Both of these are available for manual download from the downloads pages, as well as by "Live Update."

Version 5.60 is available for download here or by "Live Update."

This update includes the following:

  • A new gift importer for Christar Canada (the reports come as xlsx files, but must be opened in Excel and saved as csv comma delimited files first.)
  • A few bug fixes in the US Center for World Mission gift importer
  • An important bug fix in the general gift processing routines that sometimes caused multiple gifts from the same donor to be mis-handled.  Under certain circumstances, the program would process the first gift only and skip the other gifts in the same batch. 

In addition, I have several more gift importers almost ready for testing.

The DM 5.xx series is almost at an end as Donor Manager 6.0 is in a public beta testing period.   Get more information about the DM 6 beta here.

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