There are a lot of new features in DM 6.01 build 104. 

There are some new screens, new filtering options, as well as a number of reporting enhancments and bug fixes.

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Released 28 July 2014

This update includes a new screen in the "Partner Development section of the program titled "Potential Lost Supporters." This screen lists partners who have made financial pledges, but have not made recent payments on that pledge.

Some improvements to the DM 5 groups migration routine were done to more accurately migrate group data.

If you have previously migrated your data from DM 5 to DM 6 and have found that your DM 5 "Custom Lists" have not migrated completely to DM 6's "Custom Groups", then use the /Tools /Rebuild Group Information command to regenerate this group information.

This update includes significant enhancements to the way the program determines the "File As" names to handle different ways people enter their partner names. To regenerate the "File As" name there is an item on the drop down "Tools" menu (File -> Edit -> Reports -> Tools)

A number of error checking improvements have been made

The Backup screen has been updated to make clear what folder the Quick Backups are being stored in.

A number of additional screen changes to improve readability on some screens.

DM 6.0 build 86 is available for download by "Live Update" or by direct download here.

  • This update includes a number of screen changes to improve readability and to reduce "clutter."
  • Program users who want a UK style address will now see some additional changes in screens to fit that style better
  • I have done some updates to the quick search function in manual gift entry as well as on the browse screens to improve searching accuracy.
  • This update fixes a bug in the email merge file generation routine.

This update has a few interface changes, and a few bug fixes:

  • In some situations, when trying to filter by "Partner Type" the drop down list would not have any options.  This has been fixed.
  • When using automatic gift importing, if the gift transaction file had a line with a blank date, the DM would generate an error message.  The code has been updated to handle this (rare) situation.
  • When posting contributions, the program would sometimes generate an error while posting and complain about the alias "giftdetail2" not being found. This has been fixed.
  • When adding a new partner "on the fly" during contribution posting, the "File As" field was not being created properly.  This has been fixed.
  • When restoring data from a backup zip file, an error was generated after the restore was complete.  It did not affect the restoring of the data (that worked OK), but it prevented the program from automatically restarting with the freshly restored data.  This has been fixed.
  • In certain situations, the program would give an error when trying to add a photo to a partner record. This has been fixed.
  • On the DM "home" screen, the "Data Transfer" routine (formerly known as "Pack and Go" now has the words "Pack and Go" as part of the menu to reduce confusion.

What's New in Donor Manager 6 / build 78

Released 15 July 2014

This update concentrates on fixing some bugs in the report filtering routines.

It adds back the "Advanced Filtering" options.  Feedback on this is very welcome.  However, it does not  yet have the ability to use advanced filters and custom groups together yet.   This is coming, though.

In addition, it fixes some bugs in the group statistics calculation.

Donor Manager 6.0 build 77 is now available for download.

This update adds a few new features: 

  • You can now get a list of partners who have given their first gift recently.  This will help you identify key people to interact with. 
  • You can also get a list of partners who have recently made their largest single gift.

This is especially important if you are using automatic gift posting as you might not notice this otherwise.

At present, you cannot print a report on this information, but that is also coming soon.

There are also several bug fixes:

  • The donor giving history chart (for each donor) was only showing 24 months of giving data.  It now is showing the past 3 years of data.
  • A few reports had minor sorting errors fixed

Donor Manager 6.0 build 73 is available for download by Live Update ("Check online for program updates" on your DM home screen).

This build ads several new features:

  • There is a major new section titled "Charts."  This gives you graphics / charts of several statistics from your partners database.   Suggestions for additional charts are most welcome.   Printing of Charts is coming in a future update.
  • There is also a new tab on the Partner Details screen titled "Graph."  This shows a simple line graph of a partner's giving pattern for the previous 36 months.  This helps you visually see a partner's giving history and giving pattern.
  • When looking at the Partners List page, there now some additional filters available in the drop down filter box.

In addition, there are some bug fixes:

  • in certain circumstances, the "search by last name" feature would not find recently added partners in the "Manual Gift Entry" routine.  This has been fixed.
  • When filtering by "OK to E-Mail" the program did not always filter properly.  I think I have this fixed, but feedback is welcome if you are not getting results that you expect.
  • The "unthanked gifts" routines have been updated to handle some situations where unthanked gifts are not included in the list.

In addition there are a number of minor screen layout changes.

Donor Manager 6.0.71 adds several new featurers:

  • When exiting the program, the DM now makes a Excel table in your "My Documents" folder with your donor giving history in it ... one line per year, with one column for each month.   This is in addition to the "ParnerNames.xls" file that it already makes.
  • If you make a change to a partner's PD Phase (Partnership Development Phase) or their PEO Status (Participant / Engaged / Owner), the program will now make an entry in the "Touches" table noting the day that this status change was done.

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