johnbethabove_shadowHi, I'm John Muehleisen

I'm the author of the Donor Manager, a little program that I wrote for myself and a few friends a few years back that has become useful to others as well.

My wife (Beth) and I have been missionaries with World Gospel Mission to Kenya, Africa since 1985.  Our assignment for our first several terms has been in urban church planting and evangelism, based in Nairobi.

Currently, I am the regional strategist for World Gospel Mission in Africa, and I work with various ministry teams to help them dream, develop and refine their goals and plans, and try to connect these teams to the people, resources, partnerships, and training needed to achieve those goals.

It's a lot of fun!

I have a special special passion for mentoring and developing emerging young leadership in the African church, especially those involved in church planting, evangelism, and those responsible for leading networks of churches.

Programming is a hobby, but one that I enjoy (most of the time).

Muehleisen Family Pic_300_shadowOur Family

We have two daughters:  Holly, is a graduate of Asbury College and Wesley Biblical Seminary, and is preparing to serve in Japan as a WGM missionary.

Our second daughter, Faith, graduated from Asbury College and is currently working on a Masters in Social Work there.    Both have been very active in World Gospel Mission's Student Involvement ministry at Asbury.

  • Visit our page on WGM's web site.
  • Visit the World Gospel Mission website:
  • I helped a bit with a really great website with resources for missionary / member care.  Spend some time prowling around, and be sure to download the ebooks by Dr. Ron Koteskey.  They are excellent, excellent, excellent.  Did I mention that they were good?

Computer Projects

Programming has been a hobby for about 25 years, and the Donor Manager program started out as my own way to keep track of our ministry support.  Many, many others have made suggestions and given some truly superb ideas to help the software evolve.

In addition to the Donor Manager, I have also written fund accounting software, hospital patient administration, church contact and missionary scheduling software, academic record keeping programs, receipting software, magazine subscription and mailing software, among other projects.

I've also gotten very interested in Joomla.  Joomla is an open source content management system for web sites.  It makes it fairly easy to develop versitile database driven websites.   Learn more about Joomla at or my own Joomla help site at

lazarusAre My Lips Moving?

Another hobby I have is ventriloquism.  Lazarus is my friend and we travel together quite a bit, presenting fun (and hopefully inspirational) presentations to all kinds of groups.

Visit Lazarus on the web at

However, our real passion is seeing people come to Christ, and helping them to develop into effective and fruitful disciples, who are able to repeat that process in the lives of others.  Our ministry is to train African evangelists and church planters to establish healthy, multiplying churches that can repeat the process.

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