What's New in the Donor Manager

Here's some information to highlight what features have recently been added to the Donor Manager.

ss-tools-recalc-options-104DM 6.01 build 104 includes a number of important bug fixes and enhancements to various "calculation" routines in the program.

The "File As" generation routine (which looks at a partner name and tries to determine the "File As" field for alphabetical sorting has had a lot of additional "special cases" added to it to make it "smarter.

The "thanked gifts" and "giving history" routines have had some important enhancements and bug fixes that require you to run the "Recalculate Giving Statistics" routine.

And the "Groups" feature (which includes migrating your DM 5 "Custom Checklists" to "Groups" has also had some bug fixes and enhancements.  These fixes are applied when you run the "Update Group Information" routine on the "Tools" menu.


The backup routines have been enhanced for greater flexibility and to support Mac users better.

You can now specify the folder where you would like the "quick backup on program exit" files to go.

Previously, it defaulted to a folder under "My Documents" but for Mac users, that folder is in a different place.

This will also help those who want to have the program backup to a DropBox or OneDrive or TrueCrypt folder or other location.


ss-export-to-excelOn a number of list type screens, you will find an "Excel" icon in the upper right corner. If you click on this, it will export the current information (filtered if you have a filter in effect) to an Excel file.

Version 6.01 build 104 includes a number of new features in filtering.

When filtering reports / labels / envelopes, you can now include or exclude custom groups.  

You can also filter by Newsletter sending method, PEO Status, and PD Status.


ss-mailing-method-group-1A new field has been added to the partner master record: Newsletter Method. This allows you to specify how you want to send newsletters to this partner: e-mail only, paper only, both, or none.

You can also add additional methods or filters to this list (for example, "Paper - International" which excludes your home country).

You can set this on a record by record basis in the partner details screen, and you can manage the mailing method groups as a whole from the "groups" screen.

Feedback on this new feature is welcome.

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