DM 6.0.70 fixes a bug that caused the "link a partner to a church" routine to fail to consistently save the link.

That has been fixed in this update.

The easiest way to get the program updates is to use the "Check online for program updates" option on the Donor Manager main screen.

Build 68 was released on 5 July 2014.

This update includes several bug fixes:

  • there is a cosmetic fix for the "total support amount" tile 
  • you can now edit giving history on the donor details page
  • you can now set the "default country" for new records, and you can apply that country code to all records that do not have a country specified

The feedback and bug reports from users are helpful.   

Donor Manager 6.0 build 66 is available for download here, or by using the  "Check online for program updates" option on the DM home screen.

This update fixes a cosmetic bug that sometimes occured with the "total support" and "total support %" tiles in certain situations.

It also fixes a bug on the partner details screen.   Moving from record to record on this screen was resetting the tabs in the lower half of the screen back to the first tab with each record move.  This has been fixed in this update.

Donor Manager 6 (build 65) is available for download by "Live Update" or from the downloads section of this website.

This update includes some significant screen changes, as well as new features in the partnership development screens.  In addition, there have been significant improvements to the filtering routines, plus a number of bug fixes and feature improvements.

Feedback is always welcome!

Donor Manager 5.82 is available for download directly or by "Live Update."  

This update includes a few small fixes and an updated gift importer for TEAM.

You can find the download page here.

Donor Manager 5.81 has been released.  This update adds support for SEND Canada's csv gift fies as well as Interaction's Denari based CSV files.

Similar updates will appear in the next version of DM 6 in the next week or so.

Donor Manager 5.79 adds gift import support for Wycliffe UK's new style CSV gift import files.   Feedback is invited from Wycliffe UK staff.

In addition, Donor Manager 6 (beta 31) has been uploaded with a number of bug fixes and screen layout improvements.  It also includes the Wycliffe UK CSV gift importer.   The next major thing to add to the Donor 6 beta is to complete the rewrite of the filtering routines.  Other than that, the program is quite stable and very usable.

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