I'm happy to report that support for tntMDP format files has been added to the Donor Manager beginning with version 5.51.

tntMPD is an excellent program similar in scope to the Donor Manager.  Produced by Troy Wolbrink of Campus Crusade, a number of organizations make their contribution data in that format.  

The Donor Manager can now import these gift reports. 

For more information on tntMPD, visit Troy's website at www.tntmpd.com.

WBT staff are going to want to be sure to update to Donor Manager 5.52 (or later).

As many of you are aware, there have been some nagging bugs in the HTML gift import routine.   Each time I fixed a problem, some new coding would be added and it would break it again.

Some staff experienced no problems at all.  Others have had problems every month.

So, I did a total rewrite of the WBT HTML gift importer and it seems to be handling every HTML report that I throw at it, and processing all of the comments fields properly.

So, if WBT staff would be sure to update to 5.52 and give me any feedback on problems that you face, that would be great!

Now, the new Unity based CSV gift files are also good options for importing your gift information as well.

For years, the Donor Manager website has been done in Microsoft's Front Page (and more recently Web Expression) programs.  I've been quite pleased with both Front Page and Web Expression, but have decided to move the website to be based on the open source content management system Joomla (www.joomla.org).   Joomla is a very versatile web CMS, and I'm quite pleased with its ease of use.

In addition, I'll soon be upgrading the Forum software to the latest version of phpBB.

For quite some time the "Live Update" feature has not been working properly.

I'm not quite sure why, but it would detect that a new version was available, would offer to download it, but then would fail when uncompressing the download.  I simply could not figure out what was "broken."

So, the other day I just decided to completely rewrite the routine from the ground up, and now it's working again.

So, starting in version 5.49, the Live Update will properly report new versions and should download and install them properly.

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