Released 28 July 2014

This update includes a new screen in the "Partner Development section of the program titled "Potential Lost Supporters." This screen lists partners who have made financial pledges, but have not made recent payments on that pledge.

Some improvements to the DM 5 groups migration routine were done to more accurately migrate group data.

If you have previously migrated your data from DM 5 to DM 6 and have found that your DM 5 "Custom Lists" have not migrated completely to DM 6's "Custom Groups", then use the /Tools /Rebuild Group Information command to regenerate this group information.

This update includes significant enhancements to the way the program determines the "File As" names to handle different ways people enter their partner names. To regenerate the "File As" name there is an item on the drop down "Tools" menu (File -> Edit -> Reports -> Tools)

A number of error checking improvements have been made

The Backup screen has been updated to make clear what folder the Quick Backups are being stored in.

A number of additional screen changes to improve readability on some screens.

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