Donor Manager 6.0 build 73 is available for download by Live Update ("Check online for program updates" on your DM home screen).

This build ads several new features:

  • There is a major new section titled "Charts."  This gives you graphics / charts of several statistics from your partners database.   Suggestions for additional charts are most welcome.   Printing of Charts is coming in a future update.
  • There is also a new tab on the Partner Details screen titled "Graph."  This shows a simple line graph of a partner's giving pattern for the previous 36 months.  This helps you visually see a partner's giving history and giving pattern.
  • When looking at the Partners List page, there now some additional filters available in the drop down filter box.

In addition, there are some bug fixes:

  • in certain circumstances, the "search by last name" feature would not find recently added partners in the "Manual Gift Entry" routine.  This has been fixed.
  • When filtering by "OK to E-Mail" the program did not always filter properly.  I think I have this fixed, but feedback is welcome if you are not getting results that you expect.
  • The "unthanked gifts" routines have been updated to handle some situations where unthanked gifts are not included in the list.

In addition there are a number of minor screen layout changes.

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