Version 5.55 is a public release of the Donor Manager.

Here are some highlights of new features in this version.

There are several updates to gift importers to handle the inevitable "tweaks" done by various organizations, and to handle various scenarios that have come up in recent gift reports.

Updated gift importers include:

  • Leadership Resources International
  • WBT HTML statements (some statements "froze" at 95% imported)
  • YWAM Colorado Springs base (additional information in the statement)
  • Assemblies of God (to handle the new field with zip+4 information)
In addition, I have added a new option to the Export menu to allow a "total export" of the Donor Manager data. This will export all data fields from all DM data files in dbf, xls, or csv format.  Feedback on this new option is welcome.

And the usual number of small bug fixes and cosmetic corrections.

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