New Gift Importers

Version 5.54 and 5.53 adds support for Leadership Resources International (beta), an update to the gift importer for Partners International to handle the new format Excel files, and an update to the United World Mission gift importer.

partners international gift import For those using the PI gift importer, change the file import type to "Partners International 2008" to get import tool for the new format.

Bug Fixes

In addition, version 5.54 fixes two bugs:  in the WBT HTML gift importer, the zip codes were sometimes mangled.  This has been fixed.  

I really need to learn how to type

Also, a long time ago I typed "Firebird" instead of "Thunderbird" to refer to Mozilla's excellent e-mail client.  Obviously I was confusing "Thunderbird" and "Firefox" and ended up with "Firebird.   This typo has been fixed.

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