DM skipped a donation

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DM skipped a donation

Postby ericpyle » Wed Jan 18, 2017 8:33 pm


I noticed in my version of DM (6.17.07) that DM silently skipped a $50 gift given in October.
I'm guessing there is some logic that tries to skip duplicates but these were not duplicates, even though they were given on the same day, by the same person, for the same amount ($50).

Here is what is in my .csv file that got imported, but only took one record.

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1208830,Mr. and Mrs. Jim Doe, ,4591 S. Foo Bar Rd., ,Helena,Alabama,35022-4207, ,10/11/2016,50.00,1,Web Gift,MM-MEMORY In memory of Jeff,201610558,0-226983-00,Eric & Allison Pyle, , ,

1208830,Mr. and Mrs. Jim Doe, ,4591 S. Foo Bar Rd., ,Helena,Alabama,35022-4207, ,10/11/2016,50.00,31,Web Gift, ,201610558,0-226983-00,Eric & Allison Pyle, , ,

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Re: DM skipped a donation

Postby jmuehleisen » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:57 pm

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your question, and sorry to be slow in answering you. The forum didn't notify me that there was a message pending and I just stumbled on it today.

What you are seeing is actually by design and the program is doing it intentionally.

Here's the logic and the background to this.

Many people when doing active partner development receive contribution files weekly or even more often, and they want to post those to DM immediately.

Then at the end of the month they will often post them again through a file that covers the entire month, or inadvertently repost a file twice.

So, the DM makes an assumption to handle these scenarios: if the same donor gives a donation of the same amount on the same day, it is actually the same gift.

Now, in your case that logic fails.

But that's the background.

I could add an item to the program configuration options that let's the user decide whether or not use that logic, or to assume that what appear to be duplicate gifts are, in fact, not duplicates.

Any thoughts on that?
John Muehleisen
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