DM6 gives Program Error after migrating V5 data

As the next version of the program is under development, the "beta testers" help by testing the new program, finding the bugs, and making comments and suggestions on the new features.

DM6 gives Program Error after migrating V5 data

Postby JohnThomson » Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:09 pm

I started up a new install of DM6, and it offered to migrate my V5 data. The first migration failed, I think because DM5 was running, though it didn't tell me that, only that the file was locked. I stopped DM5, restarted DM6, and did an import, but as soon as it was complete I got an error message. As near as I recall, it was the same one I now get every time I start DM6: I see a little window with an animation saying "Starting the Donor Manger", and in front of it a window with the caption "Program Error" and message "Field name is a duplicate or invalid" (Cancel/Ignore/Help). Cancel quits the program. Help does nothing. Ignore seems to get me in successfully, but it is worrying.
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