Manual gift entry misbehaves typing after a click

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Manual gift entry misbehaves typing after a click

Postby JohnThomson » Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:10 pm

When you click on the Gift amount field, it creates an insertion point in the starting value of 0.00. Typing then does strange things. For example, suppose I click just before the first 0 and type "5". I expect to change 0.00 into 50.00. Actually, it changes to 5.00. Type another zero to replace the lost one, and the insertion point moves right (5.0|0) but I still don't have 50.00 like I wanted. Type a period and the insertion point moves left (5.|00) but I still can't make it 50.00. Now try backspace..the five goes away. Type 50: now we are back to 5.0|0.

I actually thought for quite a while that there was no way at all to enter a number bigger than 9.99. In actual fact, if you select ALL the text (e.g., by tabbing into the field) you can type a complete number normally. But it's disconcerting if you come at it another way.
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