How do you handle thank yous?

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How do you handle thank yous?

Postby KristaB » Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:43 am

I'm confused by unthanked gifts and never quite figured out a good way to handle them in DM5 or DM6. My default in DM5 was to double-click on the Giving History to change the status/highlighting of months/gifts. That no longer seems to be an option in DM6. The Giving Details checkmarks are a bit tedious and do not change the highlighting on the Giving History. The only way to update both the unthanked gifts report and the Giving History highlighting seems to be the "Thank All" button, but that removes all gifts from ALL partners from the unthanked gift report.

So, ticking gifts one by one on Giving Details seems to be the best way to update the unthanked gift report. But I'm interested in how others track gifts and if there's a better way. Am I doing something wrong that I can't keep the Giving History, Giving Details and Unthanked Gifts report in sync?

I recently updated from 6.09 to 6.17.05. I don't see any difference to how the gifts and highlighting are handled.

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Re: How do you handle thank yous?

Postby jmuehleisen » Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:44 pm

I recently changed how the giving grid works, and apparently, that caused the "double click on a gift to mark it thanked" to stop working.

I'll look into that.

Here's what I do. I use the "review monthly giving" screen.

Gifts -> Review Contributions for a Month

That give me a handy screen that shows the contributions for a month (with some nice summary information) and one click to send an email, print an envelope, send a Facebook message (if you have that info in DM) and mark a gift thanked.

See if that helps.

Meanwhile, however, I'll take a look at the donor giving grid issue.
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